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Adversity shows up at the most inopportune time, without apology. It couldn’t care less about what you want, it doesn’t give a damn about your feelings, and Adversity doesn’t take ’no’ for an answer.

Adversity forces you to up your game and place at a higher level, it never allows you to coast or do ‘just enough’ to get by. 

Adversity knows your true potential, even when you do not. Which is why it kicks your ass when you give less than 100%. The reality is this: Adversity offers you no other choice, and when there’s no other choice, then the choice is simple. 

Adversity shines a light on all your weaknesses revealing the chinks in your armor. In this way, Adversity is a gift for those strong enough to endure it. 

Wear this shirt to embolden you to take massive, definitive action toward your goals and objectives. 

Adversity is an opportunity, seize it.

Adversity is fuel, use it.

Adversity is a gift, embrace it. 

  • Tri-blend T-Shirt
  • Made and sourced in the USA

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So why is it so important to us to only sell products that are made and sourced in the United States of America? There’s a few reasons. First and foremost, it helps keep jobs in the US and strengthen its economy. Acta Non Verba is proud to be a disabled veteran owned company and we want to give back to the country that’s given so much to us. The second reason may surprise you.

Acta Non Verba could do what the vast majority of companies do, which is find the cheapest products they possibly can from all over the world in an effort to keep costs down and maximize profits. Some have even gone so far as to claim they’re made and sourced in the US even when they are not, this is an indication of that company’s character.

Anything that you purchase made outside of the US is cheap because it’s likely made in sweatshops in a third world country. This means the people that work in that shop are modern day slaves of human trafficking in some way. There are over 25 different kinds of human trafficking and Acta Non Verba will not support human trafficking in any way. We try our best to keep our prices affordable to give you the best possible products that are made and sourced in the United States because we care more about supporting what we believe in than profiting from those victims. Again, it’s about actions, not words.